Secular Franciscans

The Brothers and Sisters of St Francis Regional Council has granted approval January 2015 to a Newly Forming Group of lay men and women, seeking to establish a Franciscan fraternity in Anderson. They are currently under and guided by Our Lady of Good Counsel Fraternity, in Greenville and Spiritually Assisted by Father Aubrey McNeil, OFM.

The group has voted to call themselves Mother Cabrini , taken from St Frances Xavier Cabrini, are scheduled to gather every 1st Saturday of the month at St Mary of the Angels Parish Hall, after 8:00 am Mass. The group, originally members of OL of GC fraternity, consists of men and women, married or single, young and old, rich or poor, come together to live the Gospel under a Rule of Life written by St Francis of Assisi, and approved by the Holy See.

The Third Order is a true Order of St Francis within the Catholic Church, although members do not live in convents or friaries or take special vows. They pursue their own careers and live as Christian laymen and women in the secular world, and have publicly committed themselves to follow a Way of Life or a Rule, which the church has officially approved and recognized as being in conformity with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Rule covers every aspect of living in a healthy way, there is warm and open brother and sisterhood with other Franciscans, and provides special apostolic assistance and service to the church in building up God’s kingdom in the world.

To help people discover if they are called by God to the Franciscan Way of Life, the Third Order maintains a special on-going formation, beginning with 3 to 6 months of inquiry.

For those seeking information and explanation about lay Franciscans, contact the parish office at 864-226-8621 or by e-mail.