Safe Environment Program

Protection of Children and Young People

St. Mary of the Angels is committed to ensuring a safe environment for our children and for upholding the “National Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People”

St. Mary of the Angels in accordance with the Diocese of Charleston’s Office of Child and Youth Protection program pledges to provide a safe environment for our children and all vulnerable adults. All employees, and volunteers over the age of 18 who have any contact with minors (under the age of 18) or vulnerable persons, must be Safe Environment Compliant.

All Employees and volunteers, both clergy and laity, who have regular contact with children and youth during their service to the parish must undergo a diocesan background screening, agree to (by signature) the diocesan Code of Conduct and complete a Safe Haven online training program.

Background Screening Forms and the Code of Conduct Agreement and Diocesan Confidentiality and Catholic Principles Policy must be completed and submitted along with a copy of the Safe Haven Certificate of Completion to the Safe Environment Coordinator (SEC) before the employee or volunteer works with the children and youth of our parish or school.

Please contact Pat Binninger, SEC by Email for more information.


The Training Center of the Diocese of Charleston

El centro de capacitación de la Diócesis de Charleston