The term sacristan goes back to ancient times, referring to one “who is in charge of the sacristy.” The Council of Trent desired that, according to the old canons, clerics should hold such offices; but in most churches, on account of the difficulty or impossibility of obtaining clerics, laymen perform many of the duties of the sacristan. Sacristans are entrusted with the ministry of preparing for the weekday, weekend, Holy Day Mass celebrations, special occasions such as weddings and funerals, and at the end of the solemnity ensuring that all sacred vessels and church artifacts are returned to their proper place. The variety of duties include but are not limited to unlocking and locking the church building, adjusting lighting, preparing the communion hosts, water and wine, readying the chalice, ciborium, patens, and monstrance as necessary. In addition, the sacristan is responsible for the filling of candles with liquid paraffin, filling the holy water fonts and lighting the candles in the absence of servers and performing other tasks as directed depending on the event or solemnity. This ministry is open to both men and women and detailed training is provided to those interested in this very spiritually rewarding church ministry.

Anyone interested in learning more about this ministry should contact the parish office at 864-226-8621 or by e-mail.