Quinceaños and Presentations

We also celebrate Quinceaños; the family who desires this celebration must confer with the Pastor 6 months beforehand so that the program in preparation for this important celebration may be initiated.

Presentations of an Infant after 40 Days, recalling the Presentation of the infant Jesus in the Temple; Presentation of a child of three years, recalling the Presentation of the child Mary in the Temple. Let the Pastor know a week before the celebration.

We celebrate the following feasts with their Hispanic traditions:

-The Feast of the Day of the Dead on Nov 2 with the Altar of the Dead.

-The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe with the Mañanitas and Mass at Midnight on the night of December 11.

-These feasts are prepared by a Committee composed of Spanish speaking servant leaders in the community.

Anyone interested in learning more about this ministry should contact the parish office at 864-226-8621 or by e-mail.