Parish Council

The Parish Council is an administrative/advisory body. It supports the Pastor in addressing short-term and long-term goals and needs of the church.  The council is made up of chairpersons of the various ministries in the church.   From these leaders, parish council officers are elected and serves in the positions at least two years. The Parish Council sets the standards under which all parish ministries operate.

Expenditures: Major purchases/expenditures are presented, discussed and cleared by the council, the finance committee, and the pastor.

When the need arise for a capital campaign, the council along with the pastor provides leadership in organizing and conducting the project.  But first, they must communicate with the parishioners and share with them why the project is important to the vitality and growth of the parish.  Answer their questions honestly and listen to their suggestions and objections.  Parishioners’ leadership skills are revealed in these communication, some times.