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Welcome to St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Church

We are a vibrant community founded by the Franciscan Friars from the Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus centered in New York City, but found all along the East Coast of the United States.

In 1943 the Friars came to Anderson at the request of the Bishop to establish a church for the African American Community. Because of segregation the two communities could not worship together. When things changed in the mid-sixties and segregation was declared illegal the communities became mixed, and colors blended. The African American community opened its arms to embrace diversity; and diversity has remained our hallmark. Around 1998 languages blended with the influx of Spanish Speaking people who came to offer their talents to Anderson County. We form a wonderful mosaic.

In the St. Mary’s family everyone is welcomed without distinction. We are a warm community composed of big hearted members. We are a non-judgmental family and welcome the Spirit’s expression in all who come to worship. We treasure each person as a gift from God to our community and welcome these gifts with gratitude, as they are expressed through the particular and unique channel. We look beyond any particular expression to embrace the child of God within. We hope that they share the gift of themselves.

What we ask of the members is a desire to actively worship with us and endeavor to proclaim the Gospel with the way they live in world in which they live, by loving God and serving their brothers and sisters.

St. Mary’s has always been open to the poor and the alienated with the desire to minister with them.

Fr Bob Higgins

Jodie Mitchell
Coordinator of Religious Education
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Office Manager
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Maintenance Director

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Music Director
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