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St. Mary of the Angels Religious Education program serves our youth from Kindergarten to twelfth grade. Religious Education is the responsibility of parent (s)/ guardians who are the stewards of their children’s youth’s faith development. Religious Education programs exist to support parents/ guardians, but they never replace them. Our Religious Education program is about both informing and forming young disciples of Jesus Christ. We seek to assist parents I guardians in teaching the Catholic faith to their children. Using age appropriate materials, youth will come to know, love, and serve God and to participate in the churches mission to “make disciples of all nations,”

According to the Elementary Religion Curriculum of the Catholic Diocese of Charleston” Anyone who attends Catholic school or parish religious education program is expected to know certain key truths of our faith; truths about God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; why we go to Mass and receive the sacraments; why and how we pray; what the Blessed Virgin Mary, the saints, and believers all around the world mean to us; why we have a church and how it is organized. Children and youth growing up in the Catholic Church need to come to see our faith truly as a way of life and as an exciting way to be in the world.”

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Sacramental Preparation

God gives us the sacraments to sustain and strengthen us in our life of faith. Catechesis in preparation for the first celebration of a sacrament is an especially graced time. Through the sacraments, we receive a participation in the divine life, the grace to help us conform to God’s will, and the strength to live as followers of Jesus. It is an opportunity to invite children to recognize, and receive with gratitude, the gift of grace offered through Christ’s sacramental presence. Through catechesis, we invite children and their families to a deeper experience of faith. Our program affirms the central role of the family in children’s faith formation and offer opportunities for all in the family to deepen their faith.


In the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we receive the gift of God’s mercy offered to us through His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus announced the Good News of God’s forgiveness and brought peace to sinners. When we celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, by the power of the Holy Spirit our sins are forgiven and we are restored to friendship with God. We receive God’s peace and the strength to live as followers of Jesus. It is a sacrament of ongoing conversion, which strengthens us to forgive others and to live more like Christ.

A retreat for First Reconciliation is a part of our program which offers our children and parents a meaningful opportunity to interact with one another and with other parish families. We understand the importance of preparing children for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and seek to help children experience the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Our program offers meaningful experiences that will authentically pass on the truth and beauty of our Catholic faith and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

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First Eucharist

The Sacrament of the Eucharist completes Christian initiation and unites us with Christ and with the church. The Bishops at the Second Vatican Council called the Eucharist the “source and summit of Christian life” (Lumen Gentium 11). The Eucharist helps us to recognize the face of Christ in those in need, strengthens our commitment to the poor, and makes us one in Christ. A child’s First Holy Communion is an important family celebration and our program seeks to help children and their parents learn and grow in their faith. It is also an important celebration for the entire parish. Eucharist allows us to encounter God’s infinite love and calls us to be one with him through his Son, Jesus Christ.

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A sacrament is an encounter with Jesus Christ. The sacraments given by Jesus are to transform us spiritually. Confirmation which helps develop our spiritual self is the real preparation for life. As young people approach the Sacrament of Confirmation, they are entering a unique stage of their spiritual journey. In Confirmation students will be strengthened for their spiritual journey throughout the rest of life. Confirmation is an invitation to explore some of the most important questions in life. Our program includes the elements of ritual, prayer, Scripture, doctrine, reflection, journal writing, faith sharing, and faith decision-making. Our goal is to prepare the candidates for their celebration of the Sacrament and for a lifetime of giving witness to their faith. Confirmation marks the lifelong commitment to be witnesses for Christ.


  • Candidates must be in 10th grade or older.
  • Candidates must currently be enrolled in a parish Religious Education program or Catholic school program.
  • Candidates must have been enrolled in a Religious Education program or Catholic school program for the year prior to the year they will receive the Sacrament

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